Unfortunately when it comes to posting to Craigslist, there are many things completely outside of Knock or anyone's control. One of these things is getting your ads flagged or deleted (a.k.a. "ghosted") by Craigslist. Below is some helpful information on how to avoid this, but keep in mind these are just tips and there are no guarantees- unfortunately Knock has no control over this!

Things to be aware of when it comes to Craigslist flagging and moderation:

  • There is a very active moderation community on CL. These are Craigslist users that review posts, looking for any content that (they perceive) violates the Craigslist terms of use: https://www.craigslist.org/about/terms.of.use

  • There are paid services that specialize in flagging posts (their goal is to flag all posts so only their customer’s posts are the only ones left!)

  • Craigslist utilizes their own manual and automated moderation tools. The exact methods they use are private, but see tips below

  • There is a wide belief that users who have their posts flagged and removed have a lower flagging threshold in the future. This makes it very important to prevent getting flagged.


  • Don’t post the same/similar unit more than once per 48 hours

You are only able to post to the same city / category once every 48 hours for the same item. If the price range is close / identical, it could be perceived as posting the same item

  • Don’t post repetitive content. This includes:

The same body of the ad, including a description or special

The same set of photos. Re-arrange the photo orders, and don’t use more than 8-10

  • Don’t promote your community, instead promote your unit

Craigslist is a marketplace to buy and sell, not advertise. So, ads that aren’t specific in what they are selling, or if there is a “bait and switch”, a post may get flagged for removal

  • Don’t use spammy / salesy words

While such language doesn’t violate Craigslist Terms of Use, spammy language is often cited as a reason for community moderators to flag posts

  • Don’t leave out key information

While there are no rules on what is required in an ad (other than what is required in the posting process), community moderators often flag posts that are not descriptive of the item (unit) being offered

  • Don’t over-stylize your ads

This includes using multiple font sizes, bold fonts, underlined fonts, italics, and unnecessary capitalization

While stylizing ads doesn’t violate Craigslist Terms of Use, over-stylized posts may be perceived as coming from a template, which may attract more scrutiny

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