Knock's Craigslist extension makes posting to Craigslist easier than ever!  To get set up, there are only 2 things you need to do: downloading the Chrome extension and updating your Craigslist account with our Knock tracking email.  

Download the Chrome Extension

On Google Chrome, go to   When the page loads, select ADD TO CHROME

From there, select Add extension.  

Voila!  The "little green house" is now on your Chrome tab!  Just log in with your Knock user name and password and you are ready to go!

Now you just need to update your Craigslist account to include our Knock tracking email!

Step 1: Copy Knock tracking email

At the bottom of the lefthand navigation select Toolbox, which will by default take you to the Relays tab:

Highlight the Craigslist email and Copy it to your clipboard.

Pro tip: if you want to edit any of your Autoresponder preferences or the template that gets sent to renters you can click Auto Response Template or for more options, see this support article here.

Step 2: Submit request to Craigslist

If you have an existing Craigslist account, you need to update your account with the Knock Craigslist email. Now click here to go to change CL email page. When you go to that link, if you aren't already logged in to Craigslist, it will ask you to login:

Login with your usual Craigslist email and password- nothing new.

On the next page, it will ask you to type in your new email address twice. Simply right click and Paste in your knock autoresponder that you copied earlier:

So it will look like this:

Click Submit New Email Address.

Now you will receive two confirmation emails from Craigslist and you must click the confirmation link in BOTH emails within 60 minutes to affect the change.

Since your Craigslist email is likely the same as your contact email in Knock, you will probably receive both confirmation emails to the same email address.

Make sure you check your spam folder! Or whatever folder Craigslist emails usually go to.

Click on the link at the bottom of the first email:

And Craigslist will say:

They really want you to know you're not done. So, to make them happy, click the link at the bottom of the second email:

And that will take you to this page:

See that in the top left corner?? You're done! 

If you do not have an existing Craigslist account, just simply go to > My Account > Create an Account and put our email into the email box and hit Create Account.

Now write down that email address that shows up in red- it is your new email that you login to Craigslist with (your CL password is the same as it was before).

Note: This is NOT what you will login to Knock or the Knock Chrome extension (little green house) with- just Craigslist. :)

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