As Knock continues the mission to make the leasing process as user friendly as possible - we have released a new update on how you review and share unit availability! Our new Units tab allows you to manage all units within your community, whether they are currently available or not!

Review all of your units in one place and sort by: Bed/Bath Count, Square Footage, Floorplan, Status (Leased or Available), Price, Availability Date, Occupancy, Notice and Type! This all in one page allows you to see what is open, what is not, and what to begin prepping without having to sift through multiple tabs or documents.

New Indicators and Sorting


When a unit is hidden from the prospect’s scheduling tool on your website or third party vendor using Knock Now - they will have a check mark next to their unit number. This hidden indication signifies that they are not visible in any way, including on your community pages and links. This applies strictly to your Available Units, and Unavailable units will only be visible once they are open!


This is a direct indication of the units occupancy status, which is perfect for documentation with shown units and tours. When filtering through your Shown Unit module, you will also be able to decipher which units are Vacant for ease of access:

*Pro tip: Notice that there are new fields to sort by here as well? The Unit Occupancy status will default to Vacant, but you also have the option to filter by Unit Type (Residential VS Model) as well as Floorplan!


When a unit is an upcoming availability, based on the fact it has been marked “on-notice”, we will display those details for you! While this option is not visible in any way to prospects, it can help you prep your upcoming availability for future leasing!


If your community often uses Models for tours or events, Knock has your back! We are now able to decipher that status within your Units page and tools so that you can see which Unit may be Residential vs other statuses like: Model, Other or Commercial.

Availability Statuses

Knock’s Unit page will also display the current status of the unit - whether it is available or otherwise! These new indicators allow you to see if a unit has been reserved or is currently ready to show/lease. These statuses can include: Available, Leased, Reserved and Other

  • If Available: The unit is ready for market, and will be displayed in your scheduling tool and community pages (unless marked Hidden!)

  • If Leased, Reserved or Other: Knock will not show these units in your scheduling or display, and this unit will not have the option to build a quote.

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