As the lifecycle of the prospect goes along, there are different key stages and events.  Knock helps you keep track of those with the prospect statuses.  These statuses will automatically change as the lifecycle of the lead goes on.  

Here are the different status the prospect can be classified as:
New - These will be leads that have recently been created and are waiting for a human follow up from the team.
Applied (in review) -
This is a manual status to be used when you are in the process of completing a prospects application.  
Applied (Leased) -
This status changes automatically when a lease signed event happens in your PMS.
Applied (Lost) -
Use this status when a lead applied with you but was lost before they moved in and the application was cancelled.
Lost -
When you don't want to follow up with a lead anymore and they are no longer a viable lead, use lost to remove it from the follow up cycle.
No Show -
Leads will automatically change to No Show when a lead doesn't show for their appointment and you mark it as such under Appointments Pending Completion on the ToDo page.
Open -
A prospect's profile will automatically change to Open after the first contact is conducted by the leasing team.
Visited -
This status will automatically appear when a walk in is documented or when an appointment is confirmed as a tour by the team. 

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