How do I log in/which log in do I use?
      -To log into the Knock Chrome Extension (little green house), use the log in credentials you use to log into Knock.
      -To log into your user name should be formatted as         If you need to change your current Craigslist account to use that email, check out this article.

Why are my posts being flagged?
      -This can happen due to Craigslist spam detection parameters, which can flag accounts/posts if the titles are the same as other posts, or if the posts are too often, etc.  To learn more, check out our Tips for Posting to Craiglist

I am seeing an error tracking my posts/none of my posts are showing on Knock Analytics.
      -Many times, this occurs because the site is not logged into the linked Craigslist account when posting ads.  You can double check this by looking at the top right corner on the first autofill page.  If you see an email that is not formatted like, you are not in the right account.  If you have a Knock Craigslist account, please use those credentials on  If you have your own account, please add the Knock tracking email to that account.  Click here for instructions. 

Where do I download the Knock Chrome Extension (little green house)?
      -Go to to download the extension!

Where do I edit the information/pictures that pull into the ads?
      -We pull all the information on the Craigslist ads from the Properties tab under Edit Community.  All the information and pictures located there will be uploaded to the ad.  If you have any pictures under the individual floorplan and there are less than 24 pictures under Edit Community, we will pull those as well. 

What email does the Craigslist ad forward to?
      -On the post confirmation email, it will show an email formatted like  This is set to forward to one of your community's emails.  To find that email, go to Knock > Toolbox > Relays.  Under Email Relays, you can see which email is forwarded to, included a cc option. 

Why aren't my pictures generating?
      -If your pictures don't populate into the account, there are a few steps to go through. 

             1. Make sure you have pictures loaded under Properties > Edit Community >     Photos
             2. Any pictures larger than 10 MB won't generate
             3. Clear your cookies in your Google Chrome browser
             4. Ensure you are on the most current version of Google Chrome.
             5. In the bottom right corner of the grey box, it needs to say Use Modern Image Uploader. If it does not, click it to switch it over.

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