Adding a note is easy! First click on the renter name from either the calendar, the visitor table, or the upcoming appointments (or click Send Message):

At the top of the screen, click the little yellow clock (add note button) and then in the dropdown choose either Add Follow-up or Add Note, depending on which you want to add:

If you select Add Note, it will be a simple textfield that you can enter and then click Save:

To add a reminder, select Add Reminder, select a date you want to be reminded, enter in your reminder into the text field, and click Save.

When the due date comes up, you will be notified on Knock. You also can see it at the top of your Knock calendar, on the reminder date!

Both your notes and your reminders will show up right within the conversation, giving you one chronological activity feed for the renter with messages, notes, reminders, etc:

Keep in mind these notes/reminders are internal to you and your team only; they are NOT visible to renters. :)

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