Although with Knock renters can schedule online, they can only schedule at times that are convenient for you. If you have a dentist appointment or meeting during your office hours where you will be unable to give tours, you can easily add a busy time so that renters won't be able to book during that time.

Here's how!

On the calendar click on the time that you want to block off as busy. Let's say it's Monday at 12pm and you want to block off 2 hours. Click on 12pm, hold the mouse, and then drag the busy time to 2 hours. On the modal that pops up, select Create Event:

Then, on the next modal give your busy time a name:

This name is visible only to you and your team! (Renters can't see, don't worry). Note if you want to block yourself off for an entire day, you would check All day. If you want this event to repeat (let's say it's a weekly staff meeting), select the frequency in the Repeats dropdown and then which days you want it for. When you are all set, click Save.

If you want to edit this busy time at any time, just click on it on the calendar and you can delete or edit it.

So in this case, let's say your office hours are ~9am-5pm with 30 minute default appointment times, and you have no other tours booked that day, here is what a prospect will see for Monday when they encounter your scheduling link:

Note that the prospect cannot book from 12:00pm-2:00pm, as intended!

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