Step 1:

From your Google Chrome browser go to

(If you don't already have Google Chrome on your computer, go to to install it first.)

Step 2:

Click Add to Chrome at the top right:

Step 3:

Then, when prompted, click Add Extension.

The little Knock house should appear at the top right corner of Chrome and will be there whenever you are on Chrome!

Simply login to your Knock account and you are ready to post to Craigslist!

Want to know how to use this extension once you've installed it? Click here to learn how to post in 3 quick steps!

Reinstalling Extension (Troubleshooting):

Having issues with your extension? Try removing it and then reinstalling! 

To remove the extension, right click on it (the house in the top right of Chrome) and select Remove Extension:

Confirm your removal by clicking Remove in the pop-up that comes up:

Now your extension has been removed from Chrome. To reinstall (which should fix most issues), follow steps 1 through 3 above ^.

If you are still experiencing issues, just chat our support team anytime on the righthand side of this page!

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