Knock filters in your available units from your property management system. This is automatically done for you. If your community does not currently use a property management system or that system doesn't include your current available units, don't worry! You can manually create these so you can still use Knock's popular features like the Craigslist Chrome extension and unit links to advertise to your prospects!

If your community needs to activate this option, just let your CSM or Knock Support team know! Now let's build an apartment listing!

Step 1: Create the floorplan

Go to your Properties tab. Are there any floorplans listed on this page? If so, jump to Step 2! If not, you will need to build your community's floorplans before adding units. Simply click +ADD FLOORPLAN TEMPLATE and include the required information.

Step 2: Create the unit

Now that your floorplans are set, you can create the units currently available. Visit your Availability page and click the + button on the top right of the screen and choose which floorplan you want to advertise.

Once the modal pops up, fill it out with all the information on the card and select Post Floorplan. The unit will show as Active on your list.

Step 3: Taking the apartment off the market

Now what happens if you lease the apartment? First off, congrats! Taking the unit off the market is easy! Simply click the status drop down menu and select deactivate. You can also send a message to any prospects that were actively interested in that apartment, letting them know it's off the market.

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