With Knock Mobile you now have the ability to use your favorite Knock features on-the-go! Communicate and execute events with prospects with the tap of your finger - no need to be tied to your computer!

Downloading & Logging In:

The first step is downloading the app (cell phone emoji). This can be found in the iOS store, either on your iPhone or iPad by searching for “Knock CRM”. Once downloaded, simply enter yourKnock login credentials and voila! You’re in.

Inbox & Engagement Score:

When you first login, you will see your inbox and new messages.  With Knock Mobile you can perform live edits on prospect cards and send messages, even when not at your desk.  - Even better - all communications and actions will be backed up by our Knock Cloud to ensure that all actions are seamlessly transitioned from mobile to desktop. Those messages will be accompanied by a notification badge, just like in web application (computer emoji) 

You can also monitor your engagement score directly from the app, found in the top header of the home page.

Adding & Looking Up Prospects

Easily search for existing prospects and add new cards quickly - either by using the “eyeglass” button or “plus” button found in the app. 

You can also drill down on specific filters to find prospects based on the parameters you choose! 

Prospect Information & Follow Ups

Each card is fully detailed with the prospect information you have entered, with the option to update or change those pieces at any time. Likewise, with their contact information in place, you can follow up just as you would from your browser! Use the call feature, which will still dial your office line, or send a quick text/email! (mail emoji) You can even add attachments and documents directly from your device - including Knock Quotes!

View previous activity and past events, with the ability to add new events as they occur! Monitor your current availability and view property details on the fly - no need to wait to follow up with an email. 

Knock Mobile Calendar

Finally, you can view your calendar to check for upcoming events, adjust busy times, and review future follow ups scheduled for the day (calendar emoji). With Knock Mobile you can always stay ‘up to date’.

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