Knock's Calls report is a great way to understand the how your properties are handling their call traffic directly. It includes details around how many people are requesting texts, and call outcomes for any of your properties. One important note here is that the calls that are logged here are those that go through a Knock tracking number, so be sure to have those posted wherever possible to get the best view of your properties' call outcomes. Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters and options will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!


First field (Group by field): By default this is property, but this will change to whatever group by you select (outlined below).
Total: The total number of calls received in the time range.
Request Text
: The number of callers that opted into being contacted by SMS.
Hung Up
: Calls that hung up before reaching voicemail (whether left or not) or being answered.
: The number of calls that reached voicemail (whether left or not) or were answered.
: The number of calls that were answered. This means the call was picked up before getting to voicemail.
: The number of calls that rang through to voicemail but didn't leave a voicemail message.
: The number of calls that were missed and left a voicemail.

Filters and Options

Date range: The date range for the calls shown in the report.
: This is a multi-select for what properties you'd like data for. You can also quickly select all properties by clicking the "Select all" link above the box.
Group by
: This is the way you'd like to group the results. By default this is Property, but you can group by a number of different fields, outlined below:


  • The default setting, this will group your results by the property.


  • This will group the results by the marketing source. This is super powerful, as you can look across multiple properties to understand how a particular marketing source is being responded to.

Source Attribute

  • This will group by the type of lead source. For example, ILS for sites like, Social Media for Facebook, etc.


  • This will group the report by the status of the lead. You can see if your team is less responsive to leads in different stages of the funnel.

Caller Type

  • This will group your report by the type of call. There are three types of calls, First Call (the first call from a prospect), Return Call (any non first call from a prospect), and Resident (calls from residents).


  • You can group your results by custom attribute. This could be items like Regional Manager, State, etc. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to set this up!


  • This will group the report by day of week. This is great to understand if calls made on Tuesdays have better outcomes than those ¬†on Sundays and can drive staffing and other decisions.


  • The Hour grouping will help you understand based on hour of day that the lead was created and the call outcomes for that hour of day.

Sources: This is a multi select field that you can select sources to trim your results. For example, if you wanted to see all your property's calls from the Property Website source, you can select property website in this field to get that view.
: You can filter based on the status of the prospect to trim the results down.
: You can filter based on the day of week the prospect was created to trim the results down.
: You can filter based on the hour of day the prospect was created to trim the results down.
Caller Type
: By default this is filtered down to First Call but you can also add in Return and Resident calls for more data.
Sort by percentage: If you have wildly different call volumes you can sort by percentage rather than raw total. This allows you to better understand what properties are doing well and poorly on their call outcomes.

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