When a prospect finds your community's facebook page, here's an example of what they can see once you have integrated Knock with your Facebook page:

A few things to note:

  1. 😊 Book Now button: This CTA (Call To Action) button at the top of your page links out to the Knock scheduling page where prospects can schedule a tour 24/7
  2. 📱 Knock tracking number- This allows prospects to text with your community, as well as call the community, all the while funneling into Knock, recording calls, and attributing the source Facebook
  3. 💌  Knock tracking email- This ensures prospects who email you off of facebook will be funneled in through Knock (and thus exported to your PMS) under the source "Facebook" and receive the auto-response to book a tour


Here's how to update integrate Knock with your Facebook page!

Step 1: Login

Login to Facebook as an admin who controls your community page. Then go to your community's Facebook page.

Step 2: Change phone number/email

Go to the About page on your community's Facebook page. Hover over the phone number and email address and then click Edit:

When you click Edit on each of these, a modal will pop up prompting you to put in your Knock tracking number/email for Facebook. Put in your number/email and then click Save:

Step 3: Add Book Tour button

At the top of your Facebook page, click + Add a Button

In the modal that pops up, click "Book with you" and then select "Book now". Once this is selected, click Next:

On the next page, select "Link to Website". A modal will popup where you can paste in your Facebook community link which can be found on your Admin > Sources > View Google Docs Spreadsheet. Click Save once you've added it:

On the next page click Finish:

You are done! You've now added your Knock tracking number, Knock tracking email, and a Book Now button to facebook. All of these things ensure that prospects who find you on facebook will funnel into Knock, have their source attributed to facebook, and automatically be given an easy to way to schedule their tour online 24/7. Great work!

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